CommsBox™ Administrators Manual : Introduction

Welcome to the on-line administrators manual. This document covers each of the administrative functions currently available on the site. This manual will be extended to cover additional facilities as and when they become available.

NOTE to make best use of the administrators interface you should make sure that:

  1. Your screen resolution is set to a minimum of 1024x768
  2. You have 'cookies' enabled
  3. Some functions involve the transfer of large amounts of data, for these functions you will need a high-speed internet connection.

This is an interactive document. You can use the tree view on the left - and the icons above to navigate this document. The following is a summary of how to use the manual.

The Contents Tree

At the left of the page you can see the contents of the document is a tree form that you can expand and contract.

This indicates a section, or chapter of the manual. The chapter will comprise a number of sub-sections. Click on this image to read that chapter of the manual.
Click on this image to see the contents of a chapter.
Clicking on this image collapses the chapter - you can expand and collapse sesctions without changing your current location within the manual.
The 'open chapter' images shows you the path to the page you are currently looking at. If the current page is several levels deep in the contents then you will see each parent chapter open.
A section or chapter of the document that has no sub-sections. If you click on this image you will be able to read this part of the manual.

Document Controls

The controls at the top of the page allow you to change the view of the document that you see, or to move your way sequentially through the document.

Move back one page. Analogous to looking at the previous page in a book.
Move forward one page. Analogous to looking at the next page in a book.
This control shows you the contents of the entire document in a single window. This is particularly useful if you want to create a printed version of the manual.
Show all the pages in the current top level section of the document.
Remove the controls at the top of the page and the contents tree at the left. i.e. show only the textual content of the tree. The result is a window containing whatever section of the document you were looking at, but in a suitable form to be printed.