This manual covers the main administrative functions of the CommsBox™ suite of web based tools. Not all applications support all features and so you may find this manu includes information of facilities that are not available to you.

If you find features in this manual that are not part of your web application that you feel would be useful then please do get in touch with us to talk over your additional requirements. You can email support@yellowhawk.co.uk.

Each functional area of your site has an administrative interface. Because of the way security access works within YellowHawk applications, not all administrators have access to all admin functions.

The following sections of this document cover how to configure and run the various site functions.

Finding admin functions

To make site changes to any of the functions you must sign-in using the user name and password assigned to you.

Once you have logged in there are three main ways to access site functions, depending on what you want to do:

  1. most people will make use of the floating control bar which will be visible on most site pages. This provides a simple set of short cuts to commonly used functionality.
  2. the administrator control panel provides a central launch point allowing you to reach all of the site's tools.
  3. Through additional options within site pages. This can be in the form of additional menu items or management links within specific site pages. For example an 'edit' icon will often appear next to press-reelases that can be changed.