Contact Management (CRM)

Contact Management - often referred to as "Customer Relationship Management" or simply CRM is the use of technology to keep a record of your people with whom you interract, which of course is not limited to 'customers'.

You can access your contact managament area via the control panel or through the admin menu.

CommsBox™ provides one of two options:

  • Enhanced
    The recommended option for those organisations that do not have an existing CRM system or have outgrown that system. All of the features documented in this section of the manual apply. Because our content management is fully integrated with your web-site, blog and email marketing tools this can be a very good option even for those people currently using an existing system.
  • Standard
    This option is most suitable for organisations that either have limited requirements or are operating within a limited budget. This option may be idea for organisations that are tied into an existing 3rd party CRM system.

Please note that the Standard option a subset of the Enhanced system and you can upgrade at any time by contacting your supplier.