Delete imageContent Management System (CMS)

Content.Contol™ is YellowHawks content management application. While each site is individually tailored to your specific needs, Content.Control provides a core content control framework allowing:

  • Basic page editing
    Update existing pages within your application
  • Menu structure modification
    Add, delete and change the basic menu structure of your site to reflect your changing requirements
  • 'Draft' site view
    See how your changes will look to visitors before you make them live
  • Page history
    Old versions of a page are stored and can be viewed even when the site has moved on. If you decide you've made a mistake simply roll back to a previous version.
  • Access control
    Integrated with YellowHawk memebership services, Content.Control™ allows you to restrict page access to a specific community within your site.
  • Approval queue
    Optionally implement an approval queue for page changes such that a third party can review and approve changes before making them visible to the general public.

This section covers each aspect of the CMS in turn to illustrate how these might be used to manage the copy on your site.